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2013-08-07 13:04:16 by Rapt

I'm back!


2009-07-01 00:02:57 by Rapt

Hi dudes!

This time I just have news. We at Raptware are developing two new games, maybe one is out next month. It is a Motocross game, not details at the moment, on the other hand, a Boxing game, So we are on Raptware's Sports games.

See you and remember visit us only a visit make a our studio remains alive.

Just re-release Illegal Alien

2009-06-29 04:10:34 by Rapt

It's done, some enhanced, hope now you like it, it is a really cool game, with a lot of scenes, more than 5 or 6 hours of fun...

:D... Ilegal Alien has just been released, so go to the Flash Portal and give us that support of your hi 5, thanks a lot dudes!

By the way, in other news, we are working on two new projects, one is about Motocross and the other one is of Boxing, stay tunned I will publish more about this pretty soon.

News on Illegal Alien

2009-06-17 00:01:34 by Rapt

Well we did release the game but a lot of people didn't like it, cause of the physics engine, the fact is that the engine was based on POP, but it seems people over here prefers something like MB, so we are making some chages, hope you people like it, please stay tunned!

Hehehe a new game tomorrow

2009-06-04 03:20:34 by Rapt

Hi dudes,

Tomorrow morning I will upload our new game Illegal Alien, I can say it is a really good one but it is always better when the people here says so.

You can chek it right now at my homepage Raptware but it is better if you wait to vote for it here...

I also want to thank to KaosuKaiari (DarkHedge) who help us with this one, hope you like it and play it a lot!!

Hehehe a new game tomorrow

My new site

2009-05-19 02:57:45 by Rapt

Hi I have a new site now, http://www.virtuaflashgames.com hope you like it, and for all developers who want to spread their games please send them to me to megarapt[at]hotmail.com

And in another news, we did finish our new game just waiting for a sponsor and if they don't like it I guess I will sponsor it my own XD hahaha.

See you

Developing a new game!

2009-04-07 11:51:26 by Rapt

Hell yeah! I'm working on the new game of Raptware it is called Illegal Alien, it is just like the old Mario... but with some Prince of Persia and Metal Slug stuff.

This game is about an alien whom has to save his world from the invaders, to do it he most face the most powerful illegal aliens. Moro of this at Raptware (I already link it)

Stay tuned!

Raptware is 6 years old!

2009-03-19 17:56:07 by Rapt

Jajaja, well not really a new for you, but whatta heck, today is raptware's 6th anniversary, and I decided to post about it, please visit my website at www.raptware.com.

By the way, this weekend or early next week I will publish our new game... but no name yet, so please wait for it.

Improving loadings

2009-02-13 22:42:35 by Rapt

Well as I had made a lot of comments that only speaks of me and my projects, so this time I want to make a post that helps someone, I'm sure a lot of you people know what I'm going to write, so this is for those who doesn't.

When you start making a game (rather than a movie) you select some symbols to be export to actionscript by attachMovie. Just remove Export in first frame option. Place that symbols on the third or fourth frame (or whichever), so you make your loading on the first frame (or the first and the second as some use to) and after filling skip this frame where you place all your symbols.

The loader will shows up very quickly even if your movie is 4 or 5 Mb. This also work for Sounds that you attach... but you need to add a movie clip with them inside it, just add the sound after the first frame otherwise a buggy sound will be heard on some slow machines. Flash may tell you that you had duplicated sound on the movie just ignore that.

Hope this helps!

I don't have time!

2009-02-10 19:55:05 by Rapt

Well I'm waking up really late... since that I have to pay hours at work... I'm having not enough time, so I think my game release will be delay until next weekend.

I wish I could speak of my next game... but unless I finish this one, I won't make any plan nor something.

Hope you are playing Double Blaster :)