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Damn! I didn't finish

2009-02-09 02:41:11 by Rapt

Oh My...

Well I didn't finish my game... I have to improve some stuff on my site first... by the way did you visit this one? www.virtuaflashgame.com, it is my new one, a lot work to do I know.

Hope tomorrow i have time enought to finish it.

Thanks for reading!

Raptware on Work

2009-02-08 04:38:52 by Rapt

Well maybe tomorrow we will release this Race/Evade Game, not that big project, but I hoppe you people like it!

:P... what is missing... well a lot of work hope we finish it tomorrow as it was schedule.

See you on next post

Now I'm really happy

2009-02-06 13:54:57 by Rapt

Like four months ago I got this Idea of making a brick breaker, I was thinking... How can I make it attractive, whats missing to make it new, challenging and fun...

Suddenly the answer arrives to my mind, Yeah! BOOOBSSSS... no wait a moment that' no how it happends... erm... where was I?... oh yes, I thought about adding a second paddle, I did have an idea, now lets convincing my crow.

"Hey Doug, what about making a Brick Breaker" - "No dude, we have to focus on the Olympic games*" - "Ok, I'll do it by myself"...

*Olympic games... well I talk about it like in three years!

I started the game programming as soon as I had time, you know my work is very time demanding. I was almost finishing it when a new Idea comes to my mind thanks to a friend of mine, She send me this photo where she was wearing a nice and small Lycra.

I start to drawing her image to include on the game... I did finish it and added to the game... now it was a kind of Hip Hop Game... it was finished on November 24... I send it to sell, and amazingly in the next two hours I receive an offer from ArcadeBomb.

You know how it is we discuss about the changes and the price, nothing to talk about... And a new reskin was on that deal, that's how it ends that pink XD. They also want to include a voice for the girl cheering and finally we got...


I was just waiting to publish it here, and it was amazing I just get my best rank ever, 3.57, sadly I had this "My life is miserly, and I have to say every body that they are losers in order to feel good myself" dudes, that start spamming with 0 points and I bet they also vote 0 and the rank was down...

Now I'm really happy because now on google you find Double Blaster and the first entry is my web site. Thanks to all of you!


2008-03-06 16:17:51 by Rapt

Hi I'm glad to post that I allready make two submisions.

XD I didn't achieve event 3, but them wasn't blammed and that's good. Please play them and vote possitive for them.

I'll keep the hard work in order to make a better title next time and winning the 3 or more (in deed i want 5)

Thanks newgrounds pals